Friday, September 2, 2011



Sarong or Sarung has been an asset for not only the Malay assets specifically but also in most of the Southern Asian, Horn of Africa and not to mention in many of Pacific Islands as well. It remains as on the most common attire worn by these regions. Surprisingly, the usage of sarongs started to create its own name in the eye of the world. Sarong has already started being used in most beaches in the world especially in Hawaii, Miami, California and in Europe.As the founder of this wonderful attire, we need to preserve this wonderful clothes as on of our (Malaysia) heritage and never let it die out. It is up to us to keep the unique sarong of the South Each Asian (Kain pelekat/batik) keep on going for the rest of the centuries.

Enjoy the video I've put up about sarong. Thank you for reading.. :)

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